Qatarairways sucks

Four years ago I enjoyed flying with Qatarairways. But quality of their service has been sinking since then. Also if I compare with other airlines which do not claim to be five star I see a lot of potential for improvement:

The food is awful:

On the last two flights I almost starved. The first meal was so awful that I could not eat it. On the second flight it was a little bit better, or I was hungry enough to force this crap down my throat. Sometimes you get a really delicious sandwich, but so far I haven’t found out the rules after which they serve it, seems to be random.

Environmental pollution:

During the flight they give you lots of plastic glasses and dishes or plastic coated cardboard cups. This all fills the waste baskets during the flights. I have to eat the meal with plastic fork and knive too! Other airlines give you metal forks and knifes. But I guess they think for this awful food you don’t need proper tools.

Hilarious inflight entertainment system:

Every seat has an “Oryx Entertainment System” installed, with a decent selection of movies and music. It can also show world maps, flight information, the menu and other things. And it has a few games.

But this thing is very unresponsive and slow. In the fast forward or backward mode in a movie it shows maybe every 3 seconds a frame. It feels like 25 years old hardware. The menu card is always empty, they are too lazy to program it before the flight. But then before they serve the food they feel the urge to broadcast a pre-made menu movie to every display. How retarded is this?

Also during the flight they broadcast lots of unneeded things disturbing people watching movies. I have seen this stupid safety video at least 50 times, in two languages, one of them nobody speaks on board. Is it really too difficult to remember which passenger speaks which language and broadcast the right video in case he hasn’t already seen it? I also don’t want to see any advertisements, especially not for sports events or islamic schools. Stop all these broadcasts or make a switch to turn them on for whoever likes them!


After arriving in Doha for the transfer to the next plane you go through another security check. As if you could board the first plane without a check. This time they have stolen my nail cutter. German quality. Indestructable. They probably sent this dangerous weapon to ISIS. Now look at the following picture:

Dangerous Tools?

Yes, this is a wire cutter, but it is the most similar thing to my nail cutter which has not been stolen from me. So which of these tools is the most dangerous one? According to them it is the nail cutter. How retarded.

The new building sucks:

I’ve been two times in the new airport building now. You arrive at one end of it for this checking harassement. Then you have to find the gate for the second flight. The first time I was there my gate was on the other end of the building. So I had to walk the whole length of it. It felt like walking five kilometers. And there is no fucking train or taxi or anything else. There are some moving walkways but they don’t make the walk feel much shorter. Additionally they split the building into a left and right part. What a stupid design. Fly to Zürich and take the train between docks B and E to see how this is properly done.

The website is awful:

Booking flights is very slow. Not just slow, really sloooooowww. For each step you have to wait at least 20 seconds no matter how fast your computer or internet connection is or which time it is. It is always slow. Whats the reason for that? Don’t tell me it is the amount of data stored. Web search engines store much much more data and their response is at least 1000 times faster (if not ten or hundert thousand times).

And then their funny frequent flier website… For every thing you try to look up on this site you have to login, again and again. It shows you the data and immediately forgets your login. What a completely unusable bullshit.

The overall structure of the website should be improved too. Many informations are very difficult to find. Qatarairways is wasting my time with this crap!

Health problems:

All their female staff suffers from an overdose of makeup. They do not just look disgusting with their slimy faces, they damage their health. Stop forcing them to use makeup! Care for your staff and they will care for your airline!


To qatarairways I can only say: Sorry, but you lost all your five stars.

To everybody else I can just say, try choose another airline. You can probably find one with a better price quality ratio.


Wow, I stumbled upon a webpage made by people who are even more unhappy with Qatarairways than I am. There also seem to be some more things wrong in the desert. Especially how they treat their workersslaves.

ELV sucks

A friend gave me a link to an ELV product which I copied and pasted into my browsers URL bar. ELV then presented me with this completely useless warning on their webpage:


Additionally they set a shit load of cookies. Obviously one or more of them are used to prevent this retarded warning.

I wonder why should I run an anti-virus program when I access a website? Especially when my browser is running on a Linux box behind an OpenBSD firewall? I’m sorry but I haven’t seens something this retarded ever.

So my recommendation is:

Fuck ELV. Never ever ever ever never ever buy something from ELV!

Also don’t visit their site, block and delete all their cookies.

LZWDecode a PDF File

Today I wanted to dissect a PDF file. Running pdf2ps quickly showed some big lumps of binary data. Looking a bit closer I found out that it is run through the filters ASCII85Decode and LZWDecode. After failing to decode this myself I searched again on the net and found the following blog entry:

Converting a PDF to PS without the LZWDecode filter

So just run the following commands:

qpdf --stream-data=uncompress original.pdf decoded.pdf
pdftops decoded.pdf

Avrdude Prints Part ID

Yesterday I saw the following error message of avrdude a bit too often:

avrdude: Device signature = 0x1e930f
avrdude: Expected signature for ATmega168 is 1E 94 06
Double check chip, or use -F to override this check.

Since I have a random mix of atmega 48, 88 and 168 and even some ‘p’ and ‘pa’ versions I often just try and get the error message. Then I try avrdude with some other part ID and often get more errors.

That’s why I wrote a patch (and log message) for avrdude (trunk @r1298). It just adds the device id to the output after the signature which has been found:

avrdude: Device signature = 0x1e930f (probably m88p)
avrdude: Expected signature for ATmega168 is 1E 94 06
Double check chip, or use -F to override this check.

This looks much better :)

Yes, I could use a microscope to read the part number from the chip but that’s too cumbersome. I prefer a solution where the software is telling me which part it is.

Reset Resolution of X Server after Program Crash

Today I played Warzone 2100. In the second mission in the beta camp I gave orders to build defenses, factories and other things. Then I loaded the transporter and started it to get to the missions map. But then the program crashed and left the X server in a pretty low resolution.

Now how do I reset the resolution?

Easy, the following line does the trick:

xrandr -s 1920x1080

You may have to choose the proper resolution for your monitor. Just entering xrandr without any options shows the available resolutions.