Thank You Facebook!

Today I got an email with link to a facebook page. Actually I’ve seen this link before but ignored it because it links to facebook. But today I opened that page. I was reading a bit, following some links to other pages, coming back, reading more. And suddenly I got this:

This sucks. Why should I login after this page has been showed for 5 minutes? Additionally you can see how completely retarded facebook is: The text on the page is in german, some navigation help texts are in Kannada and the login window is in english.

First I thought “facebook sucks” and started searching for other complaints about facebook. But facebook (and google+ and twitter and…) collect all the braindamaged morons which were annoying everybody in IRC 10 years ago. Now IRC is again the nice and friendly place it was 20 years ago.

Thank you Facebook!

Paypal sucks.

I wanted to order some electronics parts from a company China and since I am in India I obviously wanted them to be delivered to India. I thought “nice, they support Paypal” when I wanted to pay. But soon I found out it’s not so nice. When trying to pay with may Paypal account I got a message along the lines “you can’t pay with your account if delivery goes to india”. I thought “OK, I try it with my credit card”. But same result. I could accept that if they would give the reason for this restriction, but they do not. Since I am from Switzerland I have a Swiss credit card and a “Swiss” Paypal account. Then I tried to change my address in the Paypal account. But the country cannot be changed. So I contacted Paypal. But their answer was “just add another delivery address in ebay”. WTF? I don’t want to buy from ebay. OK, next try with an Indian credit card of a friend. But now Paypal’s response is that the credit card is not valid. It is valid since it is used all the time. I guess Paypal just does not support “3D Secure” for Indian cards.

Conclusion: Paypal sucks. Don’t use it.

But they are not the only ones having trouble with Indian credit cards with D Secure enabled, Alipay for example also does not work, but it works with my Swiss card :)