Magic Sea Additional Tuition School

Our children go to Lions School in Gadag. A while ago some people came to the school to make a test with the children and promised them some certificates. About two weeks ago we were invited us (parents and children) to the city to get that certificate.

We came into a waiting room where they asked a few questions about us and filled a form. After 5 minutes they led us to a room. There were 5 tables in the room and people sitting there, except on one table. Obviously they were other parents and their children. There was pretty loud music in the room to make sure that people can’t hear the conversation of the other tables. We were led to the free table and a women also sat to us. She asked a lot of questions and filled a form. While doing that one time suddenly the music was switched off. Then one men was standing up and saying something along the lines “Congratulations, we have a new student, they signed the contract”. A funny ritual.

Then she called a man to com to us and continue. Since I do not speak Kannada he wanted the permission to speak english from his boss. Sounds suspicious, no? His boss then personally came to us to continue.

He said that Magic Sea is present in over 75 cities in India teaching tens of thousands of students, that they do online education and how easy it is to learn by watching a movie, and that the government is paying halve of the fee so only 12’000 has to be paid by us for 6 month, but that offer is only “today”. I asked him more than once if he can show us one of these education movies he tried to sell us as “online education”. But he said that we have to come to the school when they are teaching because the teacher will teach all the things. Now what? Are the movies teaching the children or the teachers?

The whole thing was organized in a way to pressure parents and lure them into such a contract without ever showing them what exactly they get for the money. I started to believe that the whole thing is some kind of fraud. So my recommendation is stay away from Magic Sea!

“Modern” Webpages Suck

These days almost all the web-morons think they have to fill their webpages with random useless crappy javascript for no reason.

Have a look at one example of many: It consists of static content only, nothing that would justify the use of javascript. But anyway they thought it is clever to add tons of it:

wget -q -O - \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \
| wc -c

This is almost 140kB of javascript, more than the source text files which are around 100kB for the whole tutorial. Each page contains around 5kB content, so the ratio between javascript and content is 28:1 !

Another big problme is, that the code is written by gardeners or lumberjacks, but not by IT professionals. The bugs in the code make it very unreliable. For example on Aliexpress I get the following message pretty often: Due to network reasons , adding that fails, re-click the "Add to Wish List". But clicking “add to wishlist” again and again and again just results in the same error message. The only thing that helps is reloading the page.

But there are more drawbacks of using javascript, here is an incomplete list:

  • Javascript leads to more bandwith used which:
    • makes the webpage loading slower,
    • causes more load on the server,
    • causes more costs for the bandwith of the server,
    • and uses up the megabytes of my connection which I have to pay!
  • Javascript wastes the memory of my computer which I could better use for productive work.
  • Javascript executes slow and makes me yawn because of the very slow user experience. Many websites are completely unusable on slower machines.
  • Javascript code is neither security reviewed nor signed, it is completely untrusted code running on my machine.
  • Javascript is generally written by hobbyists with not much CS knowledge. That’s one reason these pages are very unreliable.
  • Javascript is often used to make very stupid things like breaking the back button or copy&paste. I don’t know if that is just a result of the stupidity of the coder or if it is done intentionally, no matter why it is done, it is very bad and annoying.
  • Javascript is most of the time written by amateurs, not by well educated IT professionals. Obviously nobody who is at least a little bit sane would want to write code in such an awful language.
  • Javascript code is never tested thoroughly. Or have you ever heard of someone writing a test suite for his webpage?
  • There are probably a lot more…

So please make the world a better place by limiting the use of javascript to only those cases which really need it.

Thank you.

Thank You Facebook!

Today I got an email with link to a facebook page. Actually I’ve seen this link before but ignored it because it links to facebook. But today I opened that page. I was reading a bit, following some links to other pages, coming back, reading more. And suddenly I got this:

This sucks. Why should I login after this page has been showed for 5 minutes? Additionally you can see how completely retarded facebook is: The text on the page is in german, some navigation help texts are in Kannada and the login window is in english.

First I thought “facebook sucks” and started searching for other complaints about facebook. But facebook (and google+ and twitter and…) collect all the braindamaged morons which were annoying everybody in IRC 10 years ago. Now IRC is again the nice and friendly place it was 20 years ago.

Thank you Facebook!

Paypal sucks.

I wanted to order some electronics parts from a company China and since I am in India I obviously wanted them to be delivered to India. I thought “nice, they support Paypal” when I wanted to pay. But soon I found out it’s not so nice. When trying to pay with may Paypal account I got a message along the lines “you can’t pay with your account if delivery goes to india”. I thought “OK, I try it with my credit card”. But same result. I could accept that if they would give the reason for this restriction, but they do not. Since I am from Switzerland I have a Swiss credit card and a “Swiss” Paypal account. Then I tried to change my address in the Paypal account. But the country cannot be changed. So I contacted Paypal. But their answer was “just add another delivery address in ebay”. WTF? I don’t want to buy from ebay. OK, next try with an Indian credit card of a friend. But now Paypal’s response is that the credit card is not valid. It is valid since it is used all the time. I guess Paypal just does not support “3D Secure” for Indian cards.

Conclusion: Paypal sucks. Don’t use it.

But they are not the only ones having trouble with Indian credit cards with D Secure enabled, Alipay for example also does not work, but it works with my Swiss card :)