Magic Sea Additional Tuition School

Our children go to Lions School in Gadag. A while ago some people came to the school to make a test with the children and promised them some certificates. About two weeks ago we were invited us (parents and children) to the city to get that certificate.

We came into a waiting room where they asked a few questions about us and filled a form. After 5 minutes they led us to a room. There were 5 tables in the room and people sitting there, except on one table. Obviously they were other parents and their children. There was pretty loud music in the room to make sure that people can’t hear the conversation of the other tables. We were led to the free table and a women also sat to us. She asked a lot of questions and filled a form. While doing that one time suddenly the music was switched off. Then one men was standing up and saying something along the lines “Congratulations, we have a new student, they signed the contract”. A funny ritual.

Then she called a man to com to us and continue. Since I do not speak Kannada he wanted the permission to speak english from his boss. Sounds suspicious, no? His boss then personally came to us to continue.

He said that Magic Sea is present in over 75 cities in India teaching tens of thousands of students, that they do online education and how easy it is to learn by watching a movie, and that the government is paying halve of the fee so only 12’000 has to be paid by us for 6 month, but that offer is only “today”. I asked him more than once if he can show us one of these education movies he tried to sell us as “online education”. But he said that we have to come to the school when they are teaching because the teacher will teach all the things. Now what? Are the movies teaching the children or the teachers?

The whole thing was organized in a way to pressure parents and lure them into such a contract without ever showing them what exactly they get for the money. I started to believe that the whole thing is some kind of fraud. So my recommendation is stay away from Magic Sea!

My Experience with PIC

About 15 years ago a friend gave be a pile of PIC datasheets. I looked into them, read a few bits and decided PICs are not for me. Not much later another friend bought an AVR development kit and gave it to me to find out how it works. It wasn’t hard to get everything up and running. So I used AVRs since then, and if I need something bigger I take an STM32. But now I have a project which uses PIC18 and I was forced to bite the bullet. So here is my experience with the PIC hardware and software.

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