Coat Hooks made from Spare PVC Tube

The raw material and the final products (OK, mounting holes are missing, and paint may be nice):

Take a spare tube. Mine was a 42mm (1.5 inch) tube with wall thickness about 3mm.

Paint the shape of the hooks onto the tube. I chose 2cm wide hooks with 4cm distance. The hooks are 180 degrees, the remaining 180 degrees are cut into two 90 degrees bars which connect the hooks. Drill holes in the corners:

Then cut along the lines:

The second part can be used too but the hooks have to be cut to a usable size. Then use rasp and sand paper to give it the final shape and touch. I’m pretty happy with the result of my test, and my wife immediately said “we need one in every room”.

Since this postprocessing is a bit more work than I thought I was searching for another way to get a nice result: Next time I will not drill holes but cut round corners. This will save a lot of time.

Thanks to Harzi and Markus and Lisbeth Wieser for this nice tool I used to cut the tube, the small saw is perfect for this job:

Update 27.04.2013:

I used the rest of the tube I had here and did not drill holes, instead I cut round corners. It worked nice:

Another thing: The formula for the length of the tube needed for N hooks is:

L = (N-1) * S + (N+1) * H

L: length of the tube needed
N: number of hooks
S: space between hooks
H: width of the hooks

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