Paytm sucks

A few days ago I found the following voucher on a pack of biscuits:


Now I wanted to recharge my MTS Mblaze account and it redirected me to paytm to do that. So I thought I will redeem the voucher so I opened a new paytm account and entered the voucher code. The webinterface accepted it and told me it will be credited to my account after 24 hours. It is more than 36 hours now and the account is still empty:


While opening the paytm account I chose a username and a good password. But it refused to accept my password. It told me that only letters and numbers are valid. So I wrote them that they should change their web page to accept passwords containing special characters because it is more secure. Here is their answer:

From: Paytm Care
Message Id: 1500100739-100026276521-paytm
Subject: Regarding your query with Paytm Care (Reference No.: 33649138)
Received: Sat Jul 15 2017 12:08:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

Dear Martin,

Greetings from Paytm!

We are happy to assist you.

We would like to inform you that the special character entered by you are not accepted in Paytm. Kindly use the special character as @,#,% etc. Kindly reset your password and enter the value as mentioned.

Should you need any further assistance, let us know.

If you have any queries or concerns, please reach out to us.

Paytm Care


This tells me:

  • They didn’t read the message and did not understand it.
  • I disturbed them playing around with the smart phone so they just sent a slightly modified standard answer.
  • The customer is too stupid to understand and use their fantastic web service.
  • They don’t care: “it’s not my company, I’m here to just keep the chair warm, I just wait for finishing time and my salary”.
  • The customer is just a necessary evil.

This is typical for customer support of Indian companies: Arrogance, incompetence and indifference. Paytm is just one example of my experiences with Indian companies.

On the other hand I made good experience with Chinese companies where the customer support tries to understand the customer and gives useful personal answers. And ofcourse the western companies are the worst, there it is generally impossible to even find a real human beeing in the customer service.

So to come back to the subject I can just recommend: Don’t use paytm if you can avoid it.

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