Holidays in Switzerland

Since a long time my wife expressed the wish to visit her parents in law, see them in person, and also see some other members of the Swiss family. I also have not been to Switzerland since more than one year now. So we decided to make around 5 weeks “holidays” in Switzerland this year.

On the 28th of July we started our long journey. First we took a tuktuk to the new bus stand here in Gadag. The bus to Hubli takes around 1.5 hours. Then we sat 8 hours in the train to Bengaluru. The bus to the airport takes around one hour. Flying with Qatar Airways to Switzerland took around 13 hours with a 2.5 hour break in Doha. In Switzerland we took the train to Lenzburg. After 44 minutes we left the train and waitet for mom to pick us up. All in all we needed around 34 hours from door to door.

What was the first thing we did in Switzerland? We bought some olive bread, roasted chicken, yoghurt, apple puree and water. Then later we had a nice meal in the train:

We helped mom in and around the house:

We made a few excursions, some with the car, and some by train and bus. We bought a “Swiss Travel Pass Flex 8 Days” which allowed us on 8 days of our choice to use any train or bus in Switzerland, and even some ships and other things were included or we got rebate. Here is a map of Switzerland showing the places we visited:


Here is a list of places we visited. Later i will add more blog entries about them:

  • Laufenburg, Switzerland and Germany
  • Chasseral
  • Bellinzona and Locarno
  • Chateau de Chillon and Geneve
  • Aareschlucht and Reichenbachfall
  • Flumserberg
  • Titlis
  • Simmenfaelle and Sieben Bruennen
  • Bern
  • Stein am Rhein and Rheinfall
  • Luzern, Vierwaldstaettersee
  • Schloss Hallwyl
  • Mellingen
  • Reuss in Windisch
  • Baumschulbahn in Schinznach
  • Baden
  • Public swimming baths in Auenstein, Suhr, Dietikon
  • Hallwylersee
  • Lenzburg, Staufberg
  • Eguisheim, France

Early morning on the 4th of September we started our long journey back home. We had a nice time in Switzerland and it was hard to leave. But on the other hand we also missed our home and the Indian family.

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